Xbox 360 Overheating? The Solution

If you are looking for an Xbox 360 overheating solution then it is important that you first understand why the Xbox 360 overheats as this will help you to avoid the many so-called ‘fixes’ that are unreliable, and in some cases, down right dangerous!

The root cause for overheating!

Many believe that excessive game playing is the reason why the Xbox 360 overheats. While this is a factor, it is not the root cause.

If you think about it, the Xbox 360 is a 7th generation dedicated gaming console and as such you should be able to play games for as long as you like because that is what it was designed for!

Unfortunately all Xbox 360 models except the Jasper model are prone to overheat and the reason for this lies in the design!

It would appear that the solder used to connect the chips to the motherboard is of poor quality and becomes brittle when exposed to high temperatures. This can cause the connections to break resulting in overheating!

This overheating can also cause the X-clamps which keep the chips firmly attached to the motherboard to come loose. It is these factors that cause the Xbox 360 to come to a grinding halt which is usually displayed by flashing red lights!

The solution to the overheating problem!

The real solution to this overheating problem is to get the Xbox 360 repaired. Microsoft offer this service without charge if your console is still under its warranty, otherwise you will have to pay $140 + shipping and wait for several weeks to get your console back!

Many Xbox 360 gamers have decided not to take this option due to the long waiting period and have instead invested in a professional guide in order to do the repair themselves.

Using a professional repair guide has the following benefits:

  • No technical knowledge is required.

  • High quality demonstration videos make it really easy to follow along.

  • You will be shown how to fix the overheating problem permanently.

  • It will only take you about 1 hour to make the repair!

  • You will have the satisfaction that you repaired your Xbox 360 all by yourself!

As you can see, the benefits of investing in one of these guides make it a far better option than sending your console off to Microsoft. Not only is it much quicker to make the repair yourself, but if your warranty has expired then you will not have to worry about paying Microsoft’s hefty bill!

Source by Steven B. Chappell

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