Xbox 360 Freezing Up – Stop the Freezing and Start Gaming Now

If you are constantly facing the freezing problem on your Xbox 360 console, then this article is worthwhile for you. Freezing up the Xbox 360 console is not an unusual problem. It is a general problem. It is estimated that around 1 million people are facing with Xbox 360 freezing problem. In July 2007, Microsoft has announced that 5% of gaming consoles sold are failing and the rest have a chance of failure. Even some gaming magazines have surveyed that one third of all Xbox 360 units sold will have freezing problems within a year.

What are causes of Xbox 360 freezing?

Overheating is the main culprit behind this freezing problem on your console. The defective cooling system makes the console overheated and your console freezes up so that it does not melt your internal hardware. The visible effect to these internal changes is that your green lights will turn into 3 flashing red lights.

How to stop the freezing

Putting your console near the window and let it cool down is a sensible way to tackle the problem. If this simple trick proves feasible, then you are lucky enough to avoid all the further technical handling of the console. Still the problem is there, send the console to the Microsoft service center and let them the repairing work for you at free of cost. However, if the warranty period of the console is expired, and you are not intended to wait for months and not ready to spend over $140, then refer DIY (Do It Yourself) Xbox 360 repair guide.

Yes, following the DIY repair guide you can yourself deal with this freezing problem. This guide can be obtained easily from Internet. It is in digital format and can be downloaded by paying not more than $30. Furthermore, it assures you the money back guarantee and online help. To refer this guide you need not to be a master in technical matters. Furthermore, the fixing of your console does not require any fancy or specific tool. With the household instruments, you can deal with the problem by following the step by step instructions that are given in the guide. The high quality video tutorials of the guide will certainly make you fix your Xbox 360 console and remove the freezing up problem permanently on your own within an hour. Furthermore, you will start gaming now and then.

Source by Robert Macmillan

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