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National Highways puts technology in the driving seat

National Highways recently unveiled a multi-year strategy focused on the idea of “digital roads”, where data, technology, and connectivity are used to improve the way the Strategic Road Network (SRN) is designed, built, operated and used. National Highways said this will enable safer journeys, faster delivery and an enhanced customer experience for all. Elliot Shaw, […]

Importance of Electronic Technology

We have taken steps on the road to the future that can not be retaken or undone. The importance of electronic technology is now ingrained in every fiber of our society, from the lowest station all the way to the coveted office of the President of our country. Importance of electronic technology flourishes with abandon, […]

Computer Books – Update Yourself With The Latest In Information Technology

Some people are not even aware of what are computers and how are they useful to us. They can benefit a lot by reading computer books. Computer knowledge has become necessary these days to succeed in any area of specialisation. Every job requires that the candidate should have computer knowledge. We have become so dependent […]

Electronic World – Expanding Technology is Shrinking the Globe

Story after news story is focused on new technology and how it impacts the world today. The new developments in technology affect every field of business and recreation and they are not just steadily growing–the development of new technological advances is growing at an exponential rate. Some people grumble about the new electronics gadgets and […]

Computer Technology – Is it Good Or Bad?

The 21st century has been the age of so many technological breakthroughs and advances, technologies aimed for one purpose and that is to make the lives of people better by helping them become more efficient in their work. One such technological breakthrough is computer technology. Computer technology has grown in great proportions starting from a […]

New Technology News: Video Games to Watch for

The month of May is not just the time the annual Cannes Film Festival will be held as well as the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, this month also holds a few surprises for video gamers and enthusiasts. With the hundreds of labels that will be released during this month (hoping that none of these hundreds […]

History: Computers Components and Technology

A computer is compared to a calculator; used to increase the speed and accuracy of numerical computations–the abacus and more modern mechanical calculators (dating back more than 5,000 years ago–using rows of sliding beads or mechanical rods an gears to perform arithmetic operations. However, even during the nineteenth century calculators were very commonly used for […]

The Evolution of Technology – The History of Computers

While computers are now an important part of the lives of human beings, there was a time where computers did not exist. Knowing the history of computers and how much progression has been made can help you understand just how complicated and innovative the creation of computers really is. Unlike most devices, the computer is […]

Why Electronics and Technology Are Important

People today live in a world that relies greatly on electronics and gadgets to make our everyday activities easier and faster. Most of us could not fathom what life we be like without computers, cell phones, iPods, televisions, or electronic toys. Over the years, technology has continued to advance, improving the quality of life for […]

Influencer Pet Technology Ads : Halo 1

Prominent Gen Z social media influencer, Charli D’Amelio, alongside her family, recently partnered with Halo, the pet safety technology brand launched by Cesar Millan. The new campaign includes a one-year contract for the family of influencers to post regular content on their TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. The influencer family will promote the Halo Collar […]

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