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How to Connect Your PlayStation 2 Console to the Internet

There are few basic requirement before you wish to connect your PlayStation 2 console to the internet: 1. Sign up for an internet service provider package. 2. Have a network adapter 3. Have a dial up modem / ADSL Router The Network Adaptor available in North America does include a 56k built-in analog modem, and […]

Top 10 PC and Console Games for Realism

Realism is our friend. None of us can help loving a game that is so awesomely put together that is makes us feel and believe with every fiber in our bones that we are literally living it. You can have all of the cool graphics and sound effects but if you can add light guns, […]

The Console War

One of the biggest hobbies in the world is gaming. There are many many forms of gaming in the world ranging from cards to games consoles. To most people, gaming means playing video games on a purpose built games console or on a PC. So that’s the subject. According to Wikipedia we are on the […]

The Sony PS4 Games Console Technical Details – Part Two

Following its crowd-pleasing showing at the E3 entertainment expo, Sony has revealed the full specification of its next generation PlayStation 4 games console. Set to go head-to-head with Microsoft’s Xbox One, these details bring us a step closer to understanding the full capabilities of this new machine. The first part of this article looked at […]

Is The "PS Orbis" Sony’s New Video Game Console?

Sony has always offered some of the most innovative products, and its video games have been amongst the best without a doubt. Now you have a new video game console from Sony to look forward to, the PlayStation 4. The console’s name will most likely be titled the PS Orbis and will be released somewhere […]

Console Review

There may never be a clear winner of the console battle. Although that is probably true I will try to make it easier when trying to decide between the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the PC. I honestly would recommend a different console to different people based on their individual wants. Gaming PCs are […]

PlayStation PSP Skinny Apps – The Application Store For Your Console

The Sony PlayStation Portable handheld games console has firmly cemented its place in the gaming pantheon, and its smaller version, the recently released PSP Go has also been getting a great deal of interest from fans and the industry alike. There is always room to improve on these things though, which is where the Sony […]

Console and PC Games – The Difference

Nowadays, there are different platforms available for playing games. Most common are PC games and console-based games attached to TV or any PSP device. Earlier there were games that were not compatible with all the platforms. However, with the availability of new software programs, compatibility is not an obstruction now to enjoy playing such games. […]

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