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Social Media Wellness Resources : Social Media Wellness

TikTok, the popular short-form content platform popular with Gen Z and Millennial consumers, recently debuted new resources to support well-being. These include new well-being guides, an expanded guide on eating disorders, expanding search interventions, and strengthening notices for search results. In addition, the platform will host a week of in-app activities that will offer “suggested tools and resources for mental well-being, including content shared by a range of TikTok creators and independent experts to learn about and explore important well-being issues.” TikTok also announced it will be featuring curated content from its partner organizations that explore and discuss important well-being issues. The aforementioned app programming will run until September 16th.

As well being continues to be an important aspect of overall health, we can expect more brands to launch similar initiatives.

Image Credit: TikTok

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