Sims 3 Ambitions Crash – Why the Sims 3 Ambitions Keeps Crashing in My Computer – How Do I Fix It?

It is very irritating when Sims 3 Ambitions crash in our PC. Luckily, if Sims 3 keeps crashing all the time it can be fixed with the help of steps outlined in this article.

Here are given the steps which have been found very helpful to fix this problems:

Repairing Registry: Many users are not aware that games create a lot of registry entries in the Windows operating system. The registry in Windows is a database that stores all the information about computer programs. It is very important that Windows registry is in good form in order to play the games smoothly.

If you are experiencing Sims 3 Ambitions crashes in your system then it may be the case that registry keys created by the game have been corrupted. It is wise to repair Windows registry with some effective registry repairing tool.

Turning-Off Data Execution Prevention in Windows:

This technique, after repairing Windows registry, has worked for a lot of people to fix Sims 3 Ambitions crash. You can turn-off Windows Date Execution Prevention (DEP) in the following way:

Windows XP Method:

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Data Execution Prevention > Choose ‘Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select’ option > Add > Select your application > Open > Apply and Ok.

After following the above steps reboot your system.

Windows 7 & Vista Instructions:

Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advanced System Settings (Type administrators password if asked for) > Performance > Settings > Data Execution Prevention > Choose ‘Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select’ option

Or Individually Turn-off DEP for Sims 3 Ambitions game.

Click Add > Browse > Find Executable File (.exe) for the Program > Open

The above guidelines allow you to fix Sims 3 Ambitions crash. It is very important you follow the sequence in order to find the quick fix.

Source by A. Michelle

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