Should You Try the Penny Trick?

You have to hand it to them! Whoever came up with the penny trick was quite clever and inventive! Using some copper pennies to fix a serious hardware problem is quite ingenious really, not to mention inexpensive!
No doubt you have done a bit of searching online to see what the penny trick involves and whether or not you should try it! Well here is a quick summary of what the penny trick involves.
What the penny trick involves!
First, you need to strip your Xbox 360 down to the motherboard, so if you are wondering if this will make your warranty void then the answer is YES!
The next step involves getting 8-12 pennies and separating them into 4 stacks of 2 or 3. You then need to wrap some electrical tape around each stack making sure that no copper is shown.
Once you have all for stacks wrapped with electrical tape you then need to stick each one to the 4 RAM chips which are located near the X-clamps with some hot glue or woman’s salon nail pads.
Once you are done, you then need to reassemble your Xbox 360. Just one point to mention is that if you are using 12 pennies then don’t screw in the black screws that hold the core chips (CPU & GPU)!
Is it a permanent fix?
Although this technique gives the motherboard more breathing room and keeps the chips firmly in place it is not a permanent fix! It may only last for a few months before you get the red ring of death again!
All things considered, should you try the penny trick? Not if you want a permanent fix! The penny trick does not get to the root cause of the red ring of death which has to do with proper cooling of both the CPU and GPU!
Forget about the penny trick!
If you are a serious Xbox 360 gamer and you want to get rid of the red ring of death once and for all, then I would recommend investing in a professional Xbox 360 repair guide which will show you how to fix the problem permanently.
Although these guides are not free, they are worth every penny due to the following reasons:

     <li>The guide will show you how to permanently fix the root cause of the red ring of death.</li> 
     <li>High quality demonstration videos make doing the repair real simple.</li> 
     <li>The repair will only take you about an hour!</li> 

    <p>So rather than settling for a temporary fix such as the penny trick, my advice is to invest in one of these professional guides and get the problem fixed once and for all!</p> 

Source by Steven B. Chappell

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