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Property Brothers All-White Kitchen Tip

The hotly contested trend of an all-white kitchen: Some people love it, some hate it, and the Property Brothers are giving you the green light to go for it — but with some specific tips. Mainly, an all-white kitchen shouldn’t exactly be all white. Enter: a pop of color.

In their Room X Room series on live-video conversation platform Bright, Jonathan and Drew Scott are chatting with homeowners to answer their pressing home-related questions, and all-white kitchens come up from time to time. The Property Brothers don’t recommend leaning away from the classic trend, but rather suggest designing it with a little bit of color to keep things interesting.

“For the longest time, it’s been white cabinets in white kitchens. Lighter colors help bounce light around and feel cleaner and brighter,” Jonathan says. “But I love a little color. Stained wood, blues, greens.” He recommends trying a “citrusy” vibe, using “illuminating yellows” and soft grays. 

You can integrate color through your paint choices, even if you opt for a mostly white kitchen. Drew calls his island a “deep moody blue,” and calls it “sexy,” leading to an amicable brotherly banter about whether it really is that sexy or not. Drew insists that adding a bolder color on a kitchen island or lower cabinets works. 

However, they warn homeowners that the bolder you go, the more likely a color is to go out of style, so it’s best to play around with items that are changeable or replaceable, and less permanent.

“If people are going modern, they think of white everywhere, but maybe some contrast is good. They look at classic tones or marble countertops. It feels timeless, and you can add interest through textures or patterns,” Drew says.  Jonathan agrees, saying “Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. White is classic and nice as long as you don’t go too ultra white on the cabinet.”

You can make an all-white kitchen work if it has some color to keep things interesting, yet can also be swapped out. To learn more tips from the Property Brothers, check out their next session on Bright, or watch them on HGTV or Discovery+.

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