RAGZAN RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Large,LED XXL Extended Mouse Mat Thick and Foldable Mat Anti-Fray Stitched Edges for Keyboard,for Laptop/Keyboard/Mouse/Desktop and More Enjoy Smooth Operating Experience.

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Price: CDN$ 30.89
(as of May 16,2021 05:51:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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    Easy to Operate

        Easy turn on/off,just click the button of left will turn on or off.

        Easy switch, just click the button of right it will switch the next mode and it has 14 light modes for you to choose.Double click to change the brightness of the light

        Memory function, It will restore the last mode that you select.

    Lighting Gaming Accessories

        Come with 7 static lighting modes and 7 dynamic modes, a total of 14 lighting modes.

        Come with 7 dynamic modes, alternating wave, synchronizing wave, alternating flash, alternating red changing, lights off, synchronize breathing, alternate breathing.

        Come with 7 static modes, red, blue, green, purple, blue, yellow, and white.

    4 mm Ultra Thick

        RAGZAN Gaming mouse pad has a thickness of 4mm, which is more comfortable than other mouse pads.

        RAGZAN Gaming mouse pad adopts the new 3.0 upgraded luminous strip, with more beautiful colors, higher brightness, longer luminous life, and up to 8 years of luminous time.

<img alt="5" src="https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/x-locale/common/grey-pixel.gif" class="a-spacing-mini a-lazy-loaded" data-src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/sc/ec01fb1c-473e-4556-a4f3-bebfa4f4a67c.__CR0,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.png"></p><img alt="5" src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/sc/ec01fb1c-473e-4556-a4f3-bebfa4f4a67c.__CR0,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.png">
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<img alt="6" src="https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/x-locale/common/grey-pixel.gif" class="a-spacing-mini a-lazy-loaded" data-src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/sc/bc1b32ec-aec6-4369-8897-2979c4fa121e.__CR0,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.png">


    Micro-Woven Cloth

        Designed with ultra-fine fiber braided material, the surface of the fabric is soft and smooth, and has ultra-high accuracy.

        Exquisite workmanship increases the comfort and touch of the wrist and gives you the best gaming experience.

    Slip-Resistant Rubber Base

        Made of natural rubber, it has a very good grip and adsorption on the bottom, durable and safe.

        No matter how you move the mouse, the mouse pad will still be attached to the desktop without shaking, which can provide an accurate operating game environment to you.

    Waterproof Design

        Super waterproof which can effectively prevent accidental damage caused by spilled liquid. When you accidentally spill coffee, cola, tea or juice on it, the liquid will drip and slide down.

        It is easy to clean, just wipe it dry with a damp cloth. Repeated cleaning will not fade. Highly reusable and long-term use.

【Large and Thick】Measuring 31.5”x 11.8”will covers the area for a full-sized keyboard and mouse,It offers plenty of room for professional gaming or office works and helps to improve the gaming experience for games or the work efficiency.
【Ultra Smooth Surface and Anti-slip Rubber Base】The mouse pad for computer is made of natural rubber,Anti-slip base can firmly grip your desktop which ensure that every mouse movement translates into cursor movement.
【 Easy to Use】 Plug and play by USB cable,No driver required.The LED modes can be changed easily via clicking the button. The RGB light brightness can be adjusted while double clicking the button.
【Quality Guarantee】The mouse pad suitable for work and games, we will provide satisfactory customer service, if you have any quality problems, please tell us.

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RAGZAN RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Large,LED XXL Extended Mouse Mat Thick and Foldable Mat Anti-Fray Stitched Edges for Keyboard,for Laptop/Keyboard/Mouse/Desktop and More Enjoy Smooth Operating Experience.


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