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The Sony PlayStation Portable handheld games console has firmly cemented its place in the gaming pantheon, and its smaller version, the recently released PSP Go has also been getting a great deal of interest from fans and the industry alike. There is always room to improve on these things though, which is where the Sony PSP Skinny Apps store will come into play.
The PSP and PSP Go are looking to be bolstered even further in the coming months, as word has begun to spread concerning the PSP Skinny Apps store. Similar in ways to the recent app craze linked to iPhones and the like, the PSP Skinny Apps has actually been mentioned a few times over the last year, but now some concrete information is starting to come through.
The Skinny itself is said to be a small external tool which is fixed to the PSP, allowing developers to create new, non-game software for sale on the PSP Skinny Apps store. It is a fast and welcome addition for many producers, allowing new content to be put up for sale without the need for software development.
This feature is said to be ideal for bringing a new range of content to the PSP. Apps could range from game-specific tools such as training manuals, strategy guides and map editors to web-specific features such as eMagazines and web comics.

Sony have commented little on this proposal, but anything that could help bolster the sales of their new PSP Go is surely an attractive prospect. The world is going crazy for anything app related at the moment, so drafting in the PSP Skinny Apps could help bring a whole new dynamic to the system.

Source by Rich Thorp

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