Hubsan Zino Pro Plus 4K Drone UHD Camera 3-Axis Gimbal GPS FPV RC Quadcopter with Carrying Bag, 8KM SyncLeas Transmission Brushless Motor Auto Return Home 39mins Flight Time

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Product Description


HUBSAN Zino Pro Plus Drone 4K UHD Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal, Two Batteries with Carrying Bag



Follow me: The drone is programmed to automatically follow you around, giving you plenty of opportunities to film unique aerial shots.

Headless mode: The drone flies in any direction in the Headless-mode. Great function when the drone is out of sight.

Altitude hold: The drone will hover precisely at a certain height.

Line fly mode: Zino Pro flies in a straight line at a specified angle and direction that you choose. you will be able to access the photo or video functions durring flight.

One key take off / landing: Easy to control with one key take-off and landing, even for drone beginners.

Creative video (360° photography): Set the direction, angle and speed of the rotation, the drone will rotate 90°- 360° and performs panorama recording in the hovering position.

Micro SD Card: Supports U3 16G-128G SD Card (not included).


Model Number

ZINO Pro Plus


Brushless motor




3-Axis (pitch, roll, yaw)

Max Flight Speed

Normal mode: 8m/s; Sport mode: 10m/s

Max Flight Time

43 minutes (25km/h slow speed cruise); 40 minutes (hover in windless)

Max Flight Distance

8KM (no interference, no obstacle)

Flight Weight

792g (with battery and propellers)

Wind Resistance

Level 5

Drone Battery

11.4V 5000mAh Lithium polymer 3s intelligent battery

Charging Time

About 180 minutes

Controller battery:

2600mAh (built-in)

Working Temperature

-10℃- 40℃

Drone Size

L198*W104*H90mm (Folded) / L304.6*W252.4*H90mm (Unfolded without propellers)

Capture Your Memories in 4K UHD


Camera Details

Image Chip: Ambarella A12S chip

Image Sensor: Sony 1/3 inch CMOS

Max Bitrate: 60Mbps

Pixel: 13MP

Aperture: F/2.2

Shutter Speed: 1/8000 – 1/30

File System: FAT32

Image Format: JPEG; Video Format: MP4 / MOV (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)

4K Ultra HD Camera

4K/30fps Videos & 13MP Photos

Equipped with 4K Ultra HD camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer that is capable of stabilizing the camera even during high-speed motion for smooth video and sharp photos, a professional aerial photography drone.

Video Resolution:

4K: 3840*2160 at 30fps

2.7K: 2704*1520 at 30fps

1080P: 1920*1080 at 30/60fps

720P: 1280*720 at 30/60/120fps

Can be equipped with ND filters

With a Neutral-Density filter or ND filter, it allows you more leeway in selecting an aperture and shutter speed by preventing overexposure and gives you more creative control over your shots.

Note: The ND filter is NOT included, please purchase it separately in Mifly store.

More Functions

smart battery

smart battery

8KM Flight distance

8KM Flight distance



Battery capacity: 5000mAh

Voltage: 11.4V

Max flight time: 43 minutes (25km/h slow speed cruise); 40 minutes (hover in windless)

Charging time: about 180 minutes

Battery weight: 277g

Equipped with a smart charger adapter, it supports to charge 3 batteries in sequence and the battery can be used as a power bank for external power supply.

Warning: Don’t use the Zino and Zino Pro battery, otherwise the mainboard will be damaged.

8KM Flight Distance

Max flight distance: 8KM (no interference, no obstacle)

Image transmission system: SyncLeas

Higher image clarity and more stability

Controller battery: 2600mAh (built-in)

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Usage time: 2 hours

Support device: Max length: 160mm / thickness: 6.5-8.5mm

GPS Auto Return Home

The GPS system allows you to get accurate position information of your RC drone.

The Auto Return to Home (RTH) function will bring the ZINO Pro Plus back to the home point. There are 3 types of Return to Home: One-button RTH / Low Batery RTH / Failsafe RTH.

When landing, the drone searches the apron automatically and lands on it.

Fun to Fly





image track

image track

Time-lapse Photography

Free Time -lapse — the Zino Pro Plus will take a series of photos at a set interval and combine them together automatically to make a time-lapse video.

Circle Time-lapse — Set the interval, flight speed and radius, the drone will fly around the subject and take a series of photos to create a time-lapse video automatically.

Panorama Mode

ZINO Pro Plus supports sphere, 180°, vertical and wide angle panorama modes, the drone will perform the shooting task whatever you choose and take a series of photos, you can stitch them together for a panorama aerial photo.

Image Tracking

Lock the target and the ZINO Pro Plus will automatic follow and keep the target in the center of screen. Whether you’re running, hiking or biking, surfing, it can capture every stunning moment for you.



Waypoint Mode

Waypoint Mode

packing list

packing list

Orbiting Mode

Set the current location or the mobile device as the orbit center and fly around the center point. it allows you to capture smooth, circling video footage of your choosing. You can adjust the speed and radius during orbiting.

Waypoints Mode

Tap your desired point of interest on the APP, the drone can automatically fly the route on its own.

Waypoint Planning — Tap your desired waypoints and the drone will fly the route of what you choose.

Waypoint Memory — Fly the drone and memorize the waypoint, it will fly the route according to its memory.

Packing List

1 x Drone; 2 x Intelligent drone battery

1 x HT016M controller (built-in battery)

4 x Propellers (pair); 4 x Screws (pair)

1 x Gimbal protector; 1 x Screwdriver

1 x AC Adapter; 1 x Smart charger converter

1 x USB charging cable for controller

1 x RC cable(Lightning connector)

1 x RC cable(Micro USB connector)

1 x RC cable(USB Type-C connector)

1 x Carrying Bag; 1 x User manual

Hubsan Zino Pro Plus supports 13MP aerial photos and 4K/30fps with max 60Mbps bitrates for shooting stunning videos. 4K UHD camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer that offers smooth and stable footage.
Up to 8KM video transmission (no interference, no obstacle); Max flight time: 43 minutes (25km/h slow speed cruise); Drone battery capacity: 5000mAh. With brushless motor. GPS Auto Return to Home: One-button RTH /Low Batery RTH / Failsafe RTH
Time-lapse Photography&Panorama Mode – It has free and circle time-lapse photography mode, the drone will take a series of photos and combine them together to make a time-lapse video automatically. Supports sphere, 180°, vertical and wide angle panorama modes, it takes a series of photos and you can stitch them together for a panorama aerial photo.
With a smart charger adapter, it supports to charge 3 batteries in sequence at once and the battery can be used as a power bank for external power supply. Intelligent battery capacity: 11.4V 5000mAh. Two batteries and carrying bag included.
Functions: 4K UHD camera /3-axis gimbal /headless mode /creative video /auto return to home /image tracking /orbiting /waypoint /line fly mode /Time-lapse Photography /detachable filter /search the apron /panorama mode


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