Facts About the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death (RROD)

If you are an Xbox 360 gamer, the “RROD” or “Red Ring of Death” is reason enough to make you an insomniac! It is the most common technical problem encountered by the Xbox 360 owners across the globe and there are entire forums and urban legends devoted to finding a “fix” for the problem.

You could of course send your defective system back to Microsoft for repairs, but you need to understand that Microsoft sells thousands of Xbox 360 units every year and approximately 30 out of every 100 units sold start malfunctioning right after purchase. Now, with all those faulty units getting piled up at the service centers, you cannot expect to get your console repaired and sent back to you overnight. Owners have been known to wait for 2 months or even more, before they actually got their gaming console back from the company workshop.

The “Red Ring of Death” is termed as “General Hardware Failure” by Microsoft and is characterized by the appearance of three red lights on the illuminated power button of the Xbox 360. A fair understanding of the problem accompanied by an Xbox 360 repair guide could help you fix the RROD right at your home in less than an hour.

The following are the main causes that are responsible for the RROD:

Overheating – The Xbox 360 isn’t equipped with an effective cooling system. This causes the system to get overheated and trip a couple of circuits connecting the CPU with the motherboard.

Cold Solder Joints – The presence of air bubbles inside solder joints causes them to crack when the temperature fluctuates.

Nyko Cooler – The Nyko intercooler seems to suck up too much power from the console causing the Xbox 360 to malfunction.

Faulty Powerbrick – The powerbrick ensures proper power flow to the whole unit and also contains a fan that regulates the operating temperature. A faulty powerbrick could render the system unusable.

Whatever the cause for the Red Ring of Death, an easy Xbox 360 repair guide could help you fix the problem in less than an hour or so using simple household tools. Search for easy repair guides on the internet and you would come across several sites offering help. Make sure the Xbox 360 Repair Guide and Videos you follow belong to a trusted site, because you don’t want to end up making the problem worse by following unprofessional and impractical advice.

Source by Charles Schuck III

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