Do it Yourself – Write a Job Transfer Request

Much like the knowledge how to prepare a winning resume, you will at some point need to know how to draft a job transfer request. A well written job transfer request can be the key you need to open the door to a much needed transfer to a different section or for an improved and higher paying job within your current section such as management and higher. The desire is that your request might be granted, but in the case that it is not, you will have declared your interest in a new position and will be kept in mind by your employers should a new opening arise. The following steps may guide you as to how to pen an exceptional request that may better your chances of getting approved.


Step one: Establish the rationality for your job transfer request. You may need to make a job transfer request for a number of reasons. The most general of types of transfers are made for the following reasons:

  • A request for relocation

    – Requesting a transfer to a new position that has opened in your company

    – Private reasons such as location changes (for example if you have moved and are now too far away from your present job location).

Step 2: Highlight your achievements and experience.

The transfer request should Play Up your skills, accomplishments and experience. Mention any on the job training your have received, certifications, diplomas or other courses taken since you have been employed. Also include the fact that the knowledge you have gained from being a part of the company will continue to be an asset, whether it is in a better position or at another branch of the company at a different location.

Step 3: Concentrate on the contributions you will make for the business by staying with them.

Underscore how efficiently you think the company has been working, how much you appreciate the support they give employees and that fact that you wish to stay on with the company. List the positions you have held, and how they have prepared you for the position you wish to be transferred to.

Step 4: State that you are willing to give training to the one who might replace you. Be sure to include an offer to train the person who might be given your current position if your are granted the job transfer request.

Tips and Warnings:

1) Read and re-read your request, ask a friend or coworker to inspect it aboveboard for you for content as well as faults. Also be sure that the request is penned the following business format:

  • Current date

    – Your name and contact info

    – The name of the contact or supervisor, their title and the full company name

Dear [Inset the name of HR Contact or Supervisor],


To be filled out with the information listed in the steps above




Your Name

Job title and contact info

2) Transfers can be a time consuming procedure for employers so be prepared to wait. Try to submit the request as early as possible: For example if you know you may be moving in a few weeks, submit a request for transfer as soon as plans for the move are finalized. Similarly, if you know a staff member might be resigning, submit the transfer request as soon as their leaving is made formal.

3) Be sure that you follow company policies: Give transfer request to the right person or section. Also be sure that you submit any additional paperwork that is required of you for the request. Some companies may require a separate form to be filled out in addition to your written request.

Source by Bonnie McFyde

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