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Decentralized Social Metaverses : uhive

Uhive sets itself apart from most mainstream social networks by being a decentralized, creator-first social metaverse that’s on a mission to generate wealth for all users, rather than making money from them. As Uhive describes, digital dividends are a key part of this process and it aims to pay all active users a daily amount of cryptocurrency. As Uhive describes, “In a world where ‘content is king’ Uhive wants to hand you the keys to your kingdom.”As well as advocating for content ownership among its users, Uhive lets users take control of their experience thanks to a proprietary artificial intelligence engine that tailors the content users see, what they engage with and who they follow. With the world’s first decentralized content moderation platform (DeMo,) Uhive supports an experience that’s customized by users, not advertisers.

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