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        Can you copy paste?
        You have all the skills you need to make this:

        Just 24 hours from now...
        Can you just imagine that?
        Money like that being deposited directly into your bank 
        account...while you watch a movie, or go out to the park with the 
        All because you copy pasted a few lines of text in the morning?
        I know what you’re thinking..
        No one can possibly make a full time income by copy pasting...
        It seems impossible. 
        It seems like just another ‘guru scam’
        So if that’s how you feel...
        And you want to leave. 
        I won’t stop you.
        I’ve been 
        doing this for years now...Copy-Paste-Money. Copy-Paste-Money. Copy-Paste Money. 

        It doesn't matter when you do it because this 
        simple method works ALL 
        THE TIME.
        So now that you’ve seen the proof above...and you know that what you 
        landed on is actually real. 
        Prepare for something you have never seen anywhere online...
        Prepare for the fastest and most profitable way to get an online 
        business started and making thousands of dollars on autopilot. 
        Prepare for a life where you have more money than you know what to 
        do with...
        Before I tell you more about it let me introduce myself.
        I’m Ewen Chia. And yes. I’m a “guru”. A lot of people hate 
        gurus and I understand why. 
        But just think about this. I’ve trained over 20,498 students...and 
        made 15.8 million dollars online. 

        I've been featured in media around the world and 
        wrote the #1 international bestselling print book about the 
        internet business...

        Wouldn’t you rather learn from someone like that than someone who is 
        just teaching for the first time?
        In fact...I may be the best person you could learn from..
        Because unlike a lot of these gurus
        I started with nothing. I grew up in Singapore. My family had 
        nothing to their name.
        I couldn’t even speak English when I started, let alone market 
        anything on the internet...
        I had to build from scratch. 
        From nothing.
        I tried to figure out how to make money online from 11P to 3AM every 
        single night for 2 years. 
        And I held down a full time sales job at the same time.

        Now they don’t EVEN need to write me checks 
        because everything is just deposited right into my checking account 
        Then strange things started to happen. 
        Those people started sending me fancy watches, apple products, free 
        TVs, even cash...out of the blue...

        After a while I began to realize that helping my 
        students succeed was the only really meaningful thing I was doing in 
        my business. 
        So I wanted to get better at teaching them. 
        I wanted them to make more money. 
        I wanted them to make it faster. 
        And more easily....
        To do that best...
        I realized I’d have to start doing some of this stuff for them...
        This way there would be no mistakes...
        I started to create tools to help them automate the process...
        Every time I added a new tool, things got a little easier, and a 
        little faster for them...
        Soon my students could start a highly profitable business in one 
        Then it was 3 days...
        Then it was 1 day...
        What happened now..
        Is the system is so advanced...

        When you copy paste. 
        You won’t just be copy pasting. 
        You will be setting off a firestorm of marketing power....based on 
        over a decade of testing and experience...
        This is like getting me to do each of your marketing for you...and 
        making you money....around the clock..
        That’s how automated it is now...
        And now the system has reached a level of automation beyond anything 
        anyone could ever dream of...
        Never in the world of internet marketing has making money become so 
        easy and so autopilot...
        I’m extremely excited. 
        Because this is the very first time I’m introducing it to the 
        world...This system is called...

        And it truly does...finally...allow you to 
        generate a full time income...with a simple copy paste...
        Now, a lot of people claim to have autopilot or push button systems 
        all the time..
        But are they really autopilot? And do they really get results?
        We put it to the test...

it is and how it
compares to the other guru scams out there…
She spent one entire day setting up a major guru’s push
button system that launched on the marketplace in
This system claimed to be able to make her tens of
thousands of dollars in 24 hours…

And eventually
She “pushed the button”. Waited 24 hours.

These were her

        As you can see she didn't get any sales at all. 
        The guru just lied to get her money. Then she tried Copy Paste Income...
        Did the same thing. Followed the instructions. And also waited 24 
        Here’s what happened...

        That’s the real reason this system is as simple 
        as copy, cut, paste...
        It’s because these experts have already done all the work for you. 
        All you need to do is “activate’ it. 
        There will be a short setup process you’ll need to put this 
        all together...before you’re ready for the “copy paste” part of the 
        But it’s well worth it....
        It won’t take more than 10 minutes.
        It’s simple...and you only need to do it one time...
        It’s all explained in the click by click video training I’ll tell 
        you about in a minute. My grandmother can follow this 
        you have absolutely nothing to worry about.)
        Just imagine...
        Opening up your laptop as you sip your coffee in the morning and 
        seeing this...

        That’s the real life of my students!
        My students don't have bosses. 

        They travel wherever they want whenever they want. 
        They drive cars that make everyone in the neighborhood jealous. 
        And they spend time with their family as much as their heart 
        Because they don’t have to do anything to make their money.
        It’s done FOR them. 
        All it takes is a copy-paste and the push of a button
        And you’re making sales the next day....
        No more waiting around to see if it’s going to work.

        Because you’ll see the sales filling up your 
        Like this:

        It will seem like magic.
        Because you’re going to have traffic coming to you...literally at 
        the push of a button...
        And then money will just begin to appear in your bank accounts 
        throughout the day....without you even having any idea how it 
        happened...This is probably the only system online that 
        makes you money:

        WITHOUT prior experience or skills  
        WITHOUT a website or squeeze page

        WITHOUT building a list
        WITHOUT a domain name
        WITHOUT web hosting

        WITHOUT technical knowledge
        WITHOUT any programming
        WITHOUT any graphic design work
        WITHOUT any copywriting

        WITHOUT any knowledge of how to drive traffic

        There is nothing else out there even close to the Copy Paste Income 
        But it gets better...
        See I have a little surprise for all the new users of my Copy Paste 
        Income system...
        Something we’ve been working on for over 2 years now...
        Revealed for the very first time..
        They are called..
        Traffic Magnets...
        What is a traffic magnet?
        As you know more traffic means more money.

        Which usually means you will double and triple 
        your money. 
        Anytime you want to give yourself a pay raise...
        You install another traffic magnet...
        It will multiply traffic from all of your campaigns...over all of 
        your niches....instantly and permanently.
        All you have to do to install it is follow an easy half hour 
        I’m going to be giving you not one...not two...but 3 traffic 
        If each one triples your traffic...which it easily’re 
        going to have 9 times the traffic and 9 times the money...
        That means this bonus could literally add another digit to your 
        income this year...
        When you want to upgrade your house...
        You’ll know it’s time for another Traffic Magnet...and it’s all paid 
        I’m not stopping there either...
        I’m also providing...Professionally Produced “Make It Simple” 
        Training Videos
        These videos answer every question you might have. 
        They give you click by click, point by point instruction on how to 
        make the absolute most money from the Copy Paste Income System. 
        How to set up the Traffic Magnets and absolutely everything else you 
        will ever need to know to keep this business growing for decades.
        It will also show you the hidden formula behind the Copy Paste 
        Income System so you can create your own systems one day if that’s 
        what you want to do...

        Because...during the 
        first few weeks of our launch (which is ending any day now)...

        We will be dropping the 
        price from... 

        And not a penny more. 
        That’s the price of a tank of gas in exchange for instant gas money 
        as big as you want...whenever you want....for the rest of your 
        Good deal?
        Good deal. 
        I’ve made some big claims...
        I know some of you find them hard to believe. 
        I don’t find them hard to believe because I’m living this. I’m 
        watching my students become wealthy every single day with the Copy 
        Paste Income system. 
        I understand that a small part of you may still be skeptical. 
        So I will take care of that issue right now.
        I’m going to go on the line and bet my own money that this will work 
        for you...
        With the most powerful guarantee I can possibly offer. 

        If you follow this system...And you set up the system fully...and you don’t make back 10 
        times your investment within 60 days...Tell us. 

        And we’ll refund every penny you paid. 
        That’s a big financial risk for me.. Because if I can’t deliver, I 
        could lose all the money I spent launching this system...
        So why would I do this?

        I have absolutely no doubts about this. 
        In fact. I’ll make another guarantee. Even if you’re making good 
        money...but you’re not happy with this system for any reason...we 
        don’t care what the reason is...
        We’ll also give you your money back...
        Even if you don’t try at all. Well still give you everything back.
        As you can see we’re pretty confident about this system. 
        In fact, I’ve put everything I have into this system. You’re getting 
        my heart and soul. 
        That’s why I’m willing to stand by it and risk everything.
        We don’t want the copy paste method to get oversaturated. 
        There is a limit to how many people can do this...
        So every launch we do we put a cap on how many people get in...
        The competition is very tough for these slots. 
        For most of you, there is no order button below because those slots 
        are gone. 
        We’re sorry. We appreciate you reading the letter. 
        It’s just what we have to do to protect the method. 
        If you find that the Add to Cart button is below...this is the 
        luckiest day of your life...
        Because this is the day...your income...turns into copy paste 
        So are you ready to copy paste your way to success?
        Are you ready to take care of your family the way they deserve to be 
        taken care of?

        Are you ready to have hundreds of thousands of 
        dollars just sitting in your bank account...doing nothing but making 
        you feel good...confident and secure?
        If so. 
        You’re ready for Copy Paste Income.
        And you’re ready to click the order button below and fill out the 
        form on the next page...

        Do it now. 
        Hit the button. Fill out the form.
        You know what’s funny?
        We all copy paste every single day...
        We’re doing it anyway. 
        Why not make money with it?
        Once you know how to do this, the code is cracked. You can never 
        turn back
        1 year from now
        4 years from now. 
        8 years from now. 
        You will STILL know how to make money with a simple copy paste.
        Because it works on time-tested principles...
        Teach your kids how to do it...and let them start saving up for 
        their college tuition...
        Give more charity. 
        Spread the blessings around. 
        Do whatever YOU want to do. 
        But most importantly. 
        Hit the button below and at least try this out...

        If you’re not making serious money...I will 
        gladly hand you your refund.
        This way. There’s no way you can possibly lose.
        Hit the button now.

        You’re facing the most important decision of your 
        You’re about to decide if you want a life filled with unlimited 
        Or a life...filled with worries about money. 
        Let me tell you something. 
        I don’t think about money. 
        I don’t worry about it. 
        It’s just there. 
        Whenever I need it. 
        I copy paste. I take out whatever cash I need. 
        It’s a dream life. 
        I go where I want
        I live where I want. 
        I wear what I want
        I drive what I want.

        Do you know what that’s like?
        True freedom?
        Do you know how wonderful it is?
        Do you want to find out?
        There’s an order button below. 
        Go find out. 
        Hit the button. 
        Then fill out the form. 
        It’s quick and it’s easy. 
        And when you get inside you’ll start earning commissions right away.

        Start a new life. 
        A better life.
        Start it now. 
        Because you shouldn’t have to live like this another day....
        You’re copy pasting anyway...
        Get paid for it. 
        Especially when you can get paid like this for it...


        Hit the button my friend.

        I’ll see you on the other side to show you how to 
        copy paste your way to wealth....
        Yours for Profit,

                                            EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO 
                                            ACCURATELY REPRESENT THIS 
                                            PRODUCT AND IT'S POTENTIAL. EVEN 
                                            THOUGH THIS INDUSTRY IS ONE OF 
                                            THE FEW WHERE ONE CAN WRITE 
                                            THEIR OWN CHECK IN TERMS OF 
                                            EARNINGS, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE 
                                            THAT YOU WILL EARN ANY MONEY 
                                            USING THE TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS 
                                            IN THESE MATERIALS. EXAMPLES IN 
                                            THESE MATERIALS ARE NOT TO BE 
                                            INTERPRETED AS A PROMISE OR 
                                            GUARANTEE OF EARNINGS. EARNING 
                                            POTENTIAL IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT 
                                            ON THE PERSON USING OUR PRODUCT, 
                                            IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES. WE DO NOT 
                                            PURPORT THIS AS A “GET RICH 
                                            ANY CLAIMS MADE OF ACTUAL 
                                            EARNINGS OR EXAMPLES OF ACTUAL 
                                            RESULTS CAN BE VERIFIED UPON 
                                            REQUEST. YOUR LEVEL OF SUCCESS 
                                            IN ATTAINING THE RESULTS CLAIMED 
                                            IN OUR MATERIALS DEPENDS ON THE 
                                            TIME YOU DEVOTE TO THE COURSE, 
                                            IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES MENTIONED, 
                                            YOUR FINANCES, KNOWLEDGE AND 
                                            VARIOUS SKILLS. SINCE THESE 
                                            FACTORS DIFFER ACCORDING TO 
                                            INDIVIDUALS, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE 
                                            YOUR SUCCESS OR INCOME LEVEL. 
                                            NOR ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY 
                                            OF YOUR ACTIONS. ALL 
                                            SCREENSHOTS, PROOF AND PHOTOS 
                                            ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES 
                                            MATERIALS IN OUR PRODUCT AND OUR 
                                            WEBSITE MAY CONTAIN INFORMATION 
                                            THAT INCLUDES OR IS BASED UPON 
                                            FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS 
                                            WITHIN THE MEANING OF THE 
                                            SECURITIES LITIGATION REFORM ACT 
                                            OF 1995. FORWARD-LOOKING 
                                            STATEMENTS GIVE OUR EXPECTATIONS 
                                            OR FORECASTS OF FUTURE EVENTS. 
                                            YOU CAN IDENTIFY THESE 
                                            STATEMENTS BY THE FACT THAT THEY 
                                            DO NOT RELATE STRICTLY TO 
                                            HISTORICAL OR CURRENT FACTS. 
                                            THEY USE WORDS SUCH AS 
                                            “ANTICIPATE,” “ESTIMATE,” 
                                            “EXPECT,” “PROJECT,” “INTEND,” 
                                            “PLAN,” “BELIEVE,” AND OTHER 
                                            WORDS AND TERMS OF SIMILAR 
                                            MEANING IN CONNECTION WITH A 
                                            DESCRIPTION OF POTENTIAL 
                                            EARNINGS OR FINANCIAL 
                                            ANY AND ALL FORWARD LOOKING 
                                            STATEMENTS HERE OR ON ANY OF OUR 
                                            SALES MATERIAL ARE INTENDED TO 
                                            EXPRESS OUR OPINION OF EARNINGS 
                                            POTENTIAL. MANY FACTORS WILL BE 
                                            IMPORTANT IN DETERMINING YOUR 
                                            ACTUAL RESULTS AND NO GUARANTEES 
                                            ARE MADE THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE 
                                            RESULTS SIMILAR TO OURS OR 
                                            ANYBODY ELSES, IN FACT NO 
                                            GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT YOU 
                                            WILL ACHIEVE ANY RESULTS FROM 
                                            OUR IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES IN OUR 

            Copyright (C) Ewen Chia, - All Rights 
            Reserved Worldwide.

Click here to get COPY PASTE INCOME! at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

COPY PASTE INCOME! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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