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10 Ways To Kill A Computer

Computers are very similar to people in that they have a finite lifespan and like us, there are a number of afflictions that can cause a computer’s digital existence to cease. Most of these problems stem from careless handling, neglect, unhealthy environments and old age, leaving the average computer system’s longevity no more than ten […]

Characteristics of the Tablet PC

A (Tablet PC) handheld tablet computer is a computer device that has almost all the characteristics of the widely used desktop computer. Most tablet computers are designed with a touch sensitive screen which acts like their main input device and which the panel computer is equipped to use and operate using. The term was first […]

Electronic ERISA Pension Notifications Proposed by U.S. Department of Labor

Under the DOL’s new proposal, employers with ERISA-covered retirement plans would be permitted to use electronic delivery as the default method for furnishing participants with retirement documentation. For participants who prefer a paper copy, they may opt out of their employer’s electronic delivery process and receive a physical copy free of charge. If adopted, the […]

Why Are Computers A Necessity Now?

Computer systems now a days are everywhere. We can find that in places we cannot see or would not expect to find them. This gadget are no longer specialized tools used only by scientists or engineers like before. They are not kept behind sealed-glass walls under a climate-controlled environments anymore. They are a fact of […]

Generate Free Energy Using Very Simple Components

What are free power generating devices? How on earth can anyone produce free usable electricity? Can anyone without the expertise of electrical and electronic engineering manage to produce free electricity? The one word to all the above questions is – YES! Using some simple electronic parts, one can produce free electricity from the abundant resources […]

Latest Trends to Follow in Cloud Computing in 2020

In the current corporate industry, the use of cloud computing has become an unsaid norm. Almost everyone has heard of it, and its benefits are far-reaching and wide- saves cost, increases efficiency, helps in doing work faster, etc. In different market researches conducted over time, the results have shown that this trend of the use […]

HD Radio Roundup – What’s New and What They Cost

Over the course of the past several months, electronics manufacturers have released a fair number of new HD radios. There are new tabletop radios, car radios, and even a new category – bookshelf systems. Tabletop HD radios The new tabletop radios are from AGT, Directed Electronics, Dice Electronics, Polk Audio and Sony. In addition, Visteon […]

Disk Defragmentation – Make Computers Run Faster Soon

It is a desired hope for everyone to get a faster computer in order to happily enjoy everyday with computers. When realizing the computer is running slower, the reasons they always think of may be something like lower configuration, too many programs or hijacks of the antivirus. They rarely realize that there is another factor […]

Image Conversion In Computers

JPEG, GIFF/JIFF, BMP, and TIFF are the most commonly used formats for storing still image files such as photographs, graphics, and drawings. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and is a standard for image compression. However, some amount of data/detail is lost in the process. JPEG therefore is characterized by a glossy compression technique […]

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