Anti Spy Detector, Hidden Camera Detector & RF Finder, Bug Detector, Wireless Hidden Camera Detector for GPS Tracking GSM Listening Device Finder

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Product Description




Functional characteristics

Can identify wireless pinhole cameras, eavesdropping, tracking device and electrical sources.

Can detect 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone SIM card bug, mobile network connecting devices, GPS locator.

Can detect the standby state magnetic locator, bug.

Easy to use(only switch + sensitivity knob), sound and light alarm indicator, accurate and reliable.

Product Details

1. Receive frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz

2. Detect dynamic range: >73dB

3. Detection sensitivity: ≤0.03mV

4. Power:3.7V 1000mA lithium polymer battery

5. 1.2/2.4G wireless camera : 15/10 square meters

6. Mobile band 2G/3G/4G signal: 15 square meters

When you are in strange place, are you afraid of threatening your privacy with hidden cameras?

Especially in hotel and dressing room?

Are you worried about there is a GPS tracking device?

Do you want to fully protect your privacy?







Infrared Scanning

The special infrared lens and LED infrared lamp will help you find the invisible wired or wireless camera, including hidden camera, spy camera, wifi camera, pinhole camera, ip camera, etc.

Magnetic Field Signal Detect

In magnetic field detection mode, it’s able to detect magnetic suction positioner and bug, standby magnetic locator and GPS tracker with magnetic field probe.

RF Wireless Signal Detect

In RF wireless detection mode, with antenna it can detect wireless surveillance cameras, tracking device and electrical sources. Also SIM card (2G, 3G, 4G) bugs, GSM eavesdropping device.







Conference Room

Can be used in offices, important business negotiations, confidential meetings, Protect your conversation and keep your business secrets safe

Motel and Hotel

Hotel or dressing room are most likely under surveillance. Using this Camera detector, hidden camera, spy cam and bug can be detected accurately .


This signal detector would be your best choice to find out the car tracking device, GPS signal locator.never be tailed again!


【PRIVACY PROTECTION】 Stilnend proprietary detector with advanced chip features more powerful and comprehensive, meanwhile provides ultra-far detection, ultra-high sensitivity, intelligent analysis, multi-exploration, long working time, and more durable material. It’s designed for all kinds of bugs, hidden cameras, car trackers, targeted development of prevention. Fully protect your privacy and security.
【MULTI DETECTION MODES】 The finder provides multifunctional detection, including laser scanning, wireless RF signal detection, and magnetic field detection. With stronger sensitivity and wider range of detection frequency. It can efficiently detect and find the bugs, gps trackers, wireless hidden cameras, wired security cameras, vehicle and telephone eavesdropping devices, digital eavesdropping tracking system, electrical appliance radiation and other signal sources, etc,.
【MULTIFUNCTIONAL & POWERFUL】 The spy finder can be used to find hidden cameras, car tracking, listening and so on. Using in anti hidden camera, detector can provide both RF wireless signal detection and laser scanning, which make the hidden camera nowhere to hide. Using in anti-tracking, it supports magnetic field signal detection, which detects and locates GPS tracker precisely. Ultra-high sensitivity and a wide range of detection to protect your privacy.
【WIDE of USAGE】 The detector can be used in personal place, important business negotiations, homes, hotel rooms, dressing room, bathroom, car tracking, government organs, etc,. Wherever and whenever you don’t trust surroundings, the detector can help you feel secure.
【EASY to USE & PORTABLE】 The improved one is lightweight and easy to operate and carry. The scanner alerts you with indicator light, vibration or beep when the suspicious RF wireless signal or magnetic field signal is detected. The special laser lens and LED laser lamp will help you scan the invisible wired or wireless camera. The signal detection device can adjust the sensitivity according to the actual needs.


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