Recreational Marijuana… Day 1

Recreational Marijuana… Day 1

Well, Today marks a new direction here on this site.

I am going to try to blog for 1 full year about the daily thoughts and trials of being a recreational marijuana user.  There’s a lot of thoughts that can go through my head, and a lot slips through. In no means am I discounting medicinal weed, but merely for this experiment it’s not really a consideration.  My goals: To stay as fucked up as possible and still being a productive person while using recreational mary jane.  Here I will be explaining the types, kinds, and strains of all the “brands” that I consume, as well as any other forms of THC ingestion that may be used.  I currently use regular old joints, two vape pens and numerous pipes.  Hopefully we can have some fun with this!

As well, I have another author joining me from Australia.  She will be writing on the effects of weed on her life as it unfolds over the next year as well.  Her focus will be more on the psychological effects on her and her daily life. Hopefully together we can just share a few laughs, write some articles and see where everything takes us.

We all know the effects of weed in certain aspects of life, but I never can find anyone talking about the real thoughts they have running through their head when they are on THC.  I thought here we could create a place where those thoughts could be documented and enjoyed for the world to see.  We are always taking new writers on board, from once a month quotes to epically long storytelling.  So keep in mind… Whenever we are posting, we are most likely HIGH AF.  So beware, and if you’re not of legal age where you live, please close the browser now!

If you want to get a hold of us, feel free to write us at or join us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!


Happy New Year world! I sure hope for some amazing high times in 2017!


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